Scribe needed

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Hi guys, I need help with the following query. If you can assist with this, please contact me at Gauteng based. 
Dear Gaynor,
It was a pleasure speaking to you. Thank you for the offer to help source a  good scribe for me. The details are as follows:
·         Fast accurate scribe with the ability to listen and type onto live screen at the same time. EXCEPTIONAL WORD POWERPOINT AND EXCEL  SKILLS
·         A reasonable understanding of strategic planning processes –must be able to quickly understand and follow the content
·         Must be able to produce a first draft report a day after the workshop
·         Workshop will run for three days- usually client chooses an away from office venue- requiring sleeping over for the three days- the cost of  accommodation travel and meals is borne by client. I will require the services for an extra two days. Maximum therefore will be five days.
·         A mature and highly self driven and professional individual.
I look forward to your response.
Kind regards