Copy Editor Johannesburg

I recently completed GetSmarter/UCT’s copy-editing course – results to the left.

I offer impartial assessments on your writing – poetry, manuscripts, business copy, etc. and have worked for authors, poets, magazine editorial teams, media companies, fire forensics teams, journalists, research companies, recruitment companies, students and other private individuals – Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

It’s almost impossible for a writer to edit his or her own work. A second pair of eyes is invaluable, which is why professional authors all have editors.

This service includes copy-editing the following and more: 

  • manuscripts
  • website copy
  • blog posts
  • posts for any social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • reports
  • letters
  • interviews
  • magazines
  • articles
  • CVs (writing new ones as well as proofreading existing ones)
  • cover letters (will check existing ones or write new ones based on your requirements)
  • minutes of meetings
  • academic work
  • any other written material

When requesting a quote it will save time if you provide as much information as possible. These are all things I will need to ask if you don’t provide it:

  • Language
  • Turnaround time
  • The length of your audio (if transcription)
  • The character count including spaces (if editing / transcription)
  • Specifics like font size, spacing etc required

References are available on request.

Offering fair rates with references available.