Transcription / typing

typing services


Offering all transcription and typing services including:

  • Interviews for students, research companies and any other entity requiring it,
  • Disciplinary inquiries,
  • Meetings like AGMs,
  • Conferences,
  • Close captioning
  • Subtitling
  • Reports,
  • Manuscripts
  • Dictated notes from students and professionals (such as forensic teams, translators and radio show hosts)

Expertise extends to assisting with document preparation such as creating minutes from transcripts.

I prepare transcriptions for companies who specialise in recording offering a one stop solution.

I have done transcription for government entities including conferences and preparing tender documents.

I have done a lot of work for students – ask me about my special rates for students.

I am passionate about my work and my all round experience will be very beneficial to your business.

Prior to starting my business in 2005, I worked in administration and related positions for 10 years and also completed an N5 Secretarial Diploma in which I obtained a distinction for typing.

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Editing automatic transcripts: We are aware that many students prefer to use software such as Otter or Teams for transcripts. These still need to be edited to be brought up to a standard that is accurate enough for academic work and we offer this editing service. 

When requesting a quote it will save time if you provide as much information as possible. These are all things I will need to ask if you don’t provide it:

  • Language
  • Turnaround time
  • The length of your audio
  • Specifics like font size, spacing etc required