World Wide Virtual Service Billing Rates

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Robert Brenner is the Publisher: Pricing Tactics and Small Business Guide to Pricing and the
He recently published the following which he gave me permission to publish. Of note is the fact that South Africa doesn’t feature.
I don’t hav stats but my gut feel says that there are more Vas in SA than in the Ukraine, and Hungary. The Ukraine’s population is 46 million, Hungary a paltry R10 million.  Our population is 49 million. It would be interesting to find out what percentage of people are Vas and if there eare more in SA or in these countries. After all, Hungary also have political differences and I don’t think can be considered first world. Unless, like the Chinese government, their focus is on education and they have free internet, I cn’t see how they can have more than us. It leads me to wonder whether this bears out something that my colleague Alison Fourie of AMF Typing – who put me in touch with Robert – and I have always wondered. Do South African VAs NOT ADVERTISE?

World Wide Virtual Service Billing Rates

Based on almost 6,000 prices that we’ve collected (most in the last 6 weeks) a Quick Look analysis shows the following:

Sample size: 5,982 companies (and growing)

Price Range: $5-$300/hour

Average Price: $27.66/hour

Countries represented: 21

Top Countries Advertising on the Internet (listed by number of ads found):










The highest average hourly rate was $35.80 for the UK, then $31.50 for Canada. The U.S. came in with an average of $27.69. Billing rates for India averaged $9 per hour. Details for all of these prices are in our Real Prices Confidential database (RPC). RPC will be used to develop the 2012 Special International Report on Virtual Service Prices< /i> (available this month). If you’re thinking about outsourcing work or creating a strategic partnership with a company offshore, these may be helpful to you.

Hopefully this information will help you start 2012 focused on increased sales and profit and ready to prosper in the New Year!

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P.S. We’re also developing a Special International Report on Web Service Prices. Are you interested?