2012 Worldwide VA Services Special Report – Survey.

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Hi Gaynor,

We’re about to distribute survey data collection forms to initiate research leading up to the 2012 Worldwide VA Services Special Report. We want to invite all VA professionals and forum members to participate. Would you please mention this opportunity on your blog?

All responses will be treated as confidential and company proprietary. We will never release any pricing information associated with a particular person, business, or company. Everyone who participates will receive the statistical results for those areas in which they provide input. The complete survey results will be available as a Special Report near the end of April. Participants will be able to purchase the complete report at deep discount. (They’ll still get the statistical results for their own input.) All one needs to do to participate is to click off a request to receive the survey form. We’ll send it as an email attachment in RTF. We anticipate over 1,000 active participants.

Warm regards,

Robert Brenner, MSEE, MSSM
Brenner Information Group