Corporate Social Responsibility

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I recently came across this interesting piece on Corporate Social Responsibility. It explains it in an easy to understand way for the South African market.

When you choose your employers, suppliers, or your clients, or anybody else you deal directly with in your business, how closely do you think about the level of social responsibility that particular company has? I recently worked for a company which purported to be socially conscious and advocated this, but didn’t recycle its paper. This bemused me. In Johannesburg, it’s easy to take your paper out on a Tuesday or whatever day and have it recycled, no matter how small or large your business is. Do you insist on receiving a company’s NPO number before you offer to do good for that company, or do you just do good and not care about getting a tax break? Every business be it big or small can give something back to its community. What do you give back to yours? Do you donate your time, or your services, or your skills, or money? Or do you not donate at all?

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