CV Writing: The Art of Preparing A CV

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The art of preparing a CV need not be as tedious or as overwhelming as you may feel that it is. It is understandable that to the person faced with finding a job or with getting him or herself promoted, the very act of putting together the document which is supposed to sell you to your potential employer can feel overwhelming, or even impossible.

This need not be the case. A good rule of thumb when writing a CV is to break it down into ‘bitesized parts’. Think of the various aspects that you need to put a good CV together. You need a cover letter, you need a short CV for faxing, and you need a longer, more detailed CV. The longer, detailed CV can be broken down even further. You might want to include a photograph in that CV. You are going to want to include your personal information, your education and your working history. You can look at things like community involvement and other notale things that you have done to make your CV noteworthy.

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when preparing your CV is something which actually doesn’t pertain directly to you. It’s the job specification. You might have come across a job specification which you know you comply 100% with, and you send your CV off in great hope, only to get a rejection, or worse, nothing, back. And you ask yourself what has gone wrong. Have you considered that even though you know you comply, your CV may not address the points that will show that you comply with that specific job specification? In other words, you may have done both adminstration and graphic design in your previous careers, but if you are applying now for a graphic design job, sending in a CV which talks mainly about administration probably will not get you the job. If you try, and simply keep on failing, it is wise to consult with a professional CV writing service.

To summarise: Break your CV and cover letter down into bite sized chunks, and ensure that it is relevant to the position that you are applying for. If you do not achieve success, it is wise to consult with a professional CV writing service.