Social Media and Why You Need an Expert to Do It.

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Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Myspace, Friendster, Linked In …… what are they all? You can go crazy hearing about them all!!!!! Even more daunting – ‘Blogging!’ What are they all? Even if you do know them, for years, you’ve been told they’re for personal use, not for business use. Now, suddenly, you’re hearing that you have to use them for business. So, you know you need them for your business, but you’re not sure what to do with them! You’ve started with Facebook, you’ve got a profile, and you’ve got some friends on there, so what do you do now?

In a nutshell, these are online social and business networks. Even this sort of terminology can leave you confused. But it needn’t. Let’s break it down. Online is simple, it’s on the internet. Social. Well you know what that means – friends. In this case, let’s take it a little further. Most social networks use the term ‘friend’ a little loosely. I have 397 Facebook friends. To be honest, I think ‘acquaintance’, or ‘associate’ would be more accurate, but ‘Facebook Associate’ doesn’t sound quite the same as ‘Facebook friend’. Business is business … and a network is a large interconnected group of people who move in your business or social circle.

So there you have it, broken down in a nutshell. And why would YOU want to be a part of this? Statistics show that as of early 2011, there are more than 5 millon active Facebook users. That’s Facebook alone, just one of the social networks available. Given the concept of the six degrees of separation (wherein it is thought that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from everyone in the world), how can you NOT be involved in something where, by the simple act of posting or commenting to inform your group of friends about an idea, there is the chance that within six steps or less, all 5 million Facebook users, and wider, the world, will be aware of what you’re doing?

So now you’re thinking right, so I can do this, and I can get great access to a huge market, simply by being online. Here’s where the crux of the matter comes in. Social networking is time consuming, as it needs to be kept up with on a day to day basis to be effective. It also requires a certain skill. You need to be able to write literately, and have a bit of imagination, and be able to impart knowledge about your business. And the problem with all of this of course is the fact that whilst you’re doing this, you’re not doing your core business.

And that, everybody, is why you need Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services CC to handle your social media function for you.