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Establish Your Routine - Verbal To Visual

One of the most important things to a successful business is routine. Personally I struggle with routine which means I have to work harder at it than ever, and during these unstable, and frankly difficult times, it’s harder than ever. As you know Damian and I have just started working together and that in itself is a change in routine, and the pandemic throws new challenges at us each day.

I’ve found certain things useful in helping with our business routine. We have started making use of an app called ClickUp to help manage tasks. After having worked alone for so long we found we needed something we could both look at and utilise. We’ve also downloaded an app called Focus Keeper which allocates times and slots for tasks and for breaks. Both of these are extremely helpful and I thought I’d share them. It is also important to have a start and end time and a designated place to work.

These are things that can be applied to the normal running of a business or a home, and with everyone working at home (like it is in our place right now), it’s even more important.

So with that let’s get on with it. Ready and waiting for your transcription, proofreading, editing, typing and other virtual requirements.