Damian Paynter – Introduction

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Hi guys. My name is Damian Paynter, and I have very recently, this week in fact, joined Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services CC.

A little history of my life, I have worked in various roles. I have worked in factory quality departments, as a customer care representative for a hygiene company and my last position before this was as a buyer for a manufacturing company.

So that is me in a small and short nutshell.

All of these roles have had one thing in common, direct exposure to customers. Customers as you know, are the life blood of your company. Working for yourself in these extremely challenging economic times is incredibly difficult, and we have to take that extra effort to ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements as professionally and timeously as possible.

My continuous exposure to customers during my working career has enabled me to learn the necessary skills to ensure a relationship built on trust and good business ethics, skills I use everyday and which I value immensely.

That’s my brief intro for this week. I look forward to building relationships with Typewrite’s customers and adding value to the company.

Thank you.