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Many years ago, in our Office Practice class in college, we were taught about professionalism. I’ve tried to remember and apply the lessons we learned throughout my career. But it seems that many people don’t know what professionalism is, particularly in our industry.

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We are QUALIFIED business people, conducting business transactions with our clients. Thus we should behave as such. If we commit to a deadline, we should meet it or at least have a very valid reason why we can’t. If we commit to doing a job a certain way, we should do it that way. We should communicate with our clients, and be brave enough to say when we have messed up, and also when THEY have messed up.

If you were office based, one of the characteristics of being professional might be dressing smartly. Working from our home offices, that’s not so true for us, but if we go out to meet a client, it definitely is. Just because we work from our own houses doesn’t mean we don’t have to be professional.

Here are 10 items that people in the transcription and VA industries can apply to be professional.

  • Meet your deadlines
  • Communicate with your client
  • Use professional language and etiquette when you communicate. In today’s world we use means like WhatsApp more and more. This doesn’t mean you can be rude or familiar. Keep polite and professional.
  • Ask the relevant questions until you understand
  • Be neat, tidy, and consistent with your work
  • Be confident as befits a person in our profession
  • Behave morally and ethically
  • Keep your calm in pressured situations
  • Be organised – do planning