The paperless office

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Good morning all. I was having a thought this morning about the concept of ‘the paperless office’. At the beginning of my career in the mid 90s, this was something that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We all thought that with the mass advent of computers in the business world, there would be no more need for paper. ‘The paperless office’ was a thing a lot of people went around discussing.

Today, though, it doesn’t seem to have occurred. At least, not in my office. What about yours? I seem to need a paper trail as much as I did back in those days. It’s not for want of trying. I’ve tried to file things on my computer, and of course, I do. But computers crash, you switch hard drives, etc, etc, and things get lost. So I sit with my trusty old files, and I feel like there’s something better I should be doing, something kinder to the environment. The point is though, how do we do a paperless office that is also kind to the environment? Are disks, cloud servers, hard drives, flash drives, etc, any kinder to the environment than the production of paper – paper, which at some point in the future will return to ashes, whether I recycle it or by the simple passage of time will decay?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it.

I’d love your comments on this.

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