Business Processes and Procedures

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This is a very quick post just to catch you up with how we are… I can’t believe this year is already into April. In any case, this year – as in all the other years – it’s been business, business, business, for us. We’ve had a couple of things going on – some major projects, a revamp in a few systems and things like that, and a jacking up of processes and procedures.

I think it’s all the more important for a scatty person to ensure that they are as systematic as possible. If you’re scatty and you let your systems and procedures go, you’re going to get into a big mess. Even if you are not scatty, and you fall into this trap, things will become chaotic. And the last thing you can afford in a small business is to have chaos. Chaos within your own business will probably lead to your valued clients thinking you are chaotic too, and not utilising your services. Hardly a winning situation. So, as hard as it might be, keep your systems and procedures in place.

Every now and again, it’s worth having another look at the way you’re doing things. Are things 100% by the book? Are you keeping up to speed with what’s going on in the back end of your business?

Keep on top of it, and you will see that it pays off in the end.

And efficiency is the kind of communication image you want to impart to your client.

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