Express Scribe and the Blasted “Done File”

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I had a question today and got a great answer from Trish at Conors Admin, so I thought I would share it for you.

Hi guys.

I’m using Express Scribe Pro v5.5 with Windows 8.

In the old versions of Express Scribe there used to be a place where it stored the ‘Done’ Files. I can’t find it with this one. I can only find a piece in the software itself where it talks of recovered files, I’ve cleared those.

Reason I’m asking is my Express Scribe seems to be getting a little unresponsive, and I think I need to clear it.

Is there still a ‘done’ folder somewhere on my hard drive?


Hi Gaynor

I’m on Win7 and Scribe 5.01 and had a similar problem recently. I went into the settings in Scribe and on the Disk Sage tab there was a path for the data folder. Which in my case was c:usersmeappdataroamingnch swift soundscribe