Useful transcription tools

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Hi everybody. I thought that I would list here some tools that I use from day to day that make my life as a transcriptionist much easier. Please feel free to add to this list, and ask me about the usage of these tools. Any tool I list here, I have personally used and recommend

Express Scribe It’s a free transcription tool which allows you to slow down and speed up audio and is downloadable from

Any Audio Converter. It literally converts audio to any format, particularly to formats that are workable by the above Express Scribe.

. It’s a secure FTP server, free, which allows you to send files to others which are too big to be emailed.

Skype is an internet based telephony programme which allows you to chat via the internet to your customers free of charge.

Wavepad is a very useful sound editing programme which allows you to clip audio to particular lengths, enhance the quality of it and edit it – free.

Bullzip allows you to print to PDF format. There are many more, but these are the ones that I use from day to day.