Giveaway of the Day.

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Hello guys,

Thank goodness here in the Southern hemisphere winter is over and in Johannesburg, South Africa, we have glorious spring days. Hope you are all comfortable wherever you are! 

Worth a mention today is Giveaway of the Day. They always give away great stuff if you are fast enough to download it within 24 hours, but today’s is a tool that is valuable to the transcription industry and to people in writing, proofreading and editing circles. Check it out: Here’s the write up about it. The program is available for $ 249.95, but it will be free as a time-limited offer. Throughout the world the need for communication between countries and international business is growing and as a result, so is the need for a common language: English. WhiteSmoke 2011 involves Natural Language Processing (or NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows the software to “learn” the way the human mind works in the process of writing, thus going beyond providing grammatical and typographical corrections, but also improving the style, tone and clarity of your writing. The 2011 version is an all-in-one, hybrid solution for English writing, providing a convenient and easy to use writing tool that works directly from any text-based application. WhiteSmoke 2011 includes the a comprehensive English writing tool, full-text translator, multilingual dictionary and a multitude of ready-to-use templates. Be quick and get it!