Doing the things you love is a way to keep your mind fresh for work

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Earlier today I was chatting with my friend Damaria Senne about why, lately, I am striving to keep Sundays free to keep up and touch base with the people and things that I love. I am an avid reader, and I call myself a writer, and an artist. But it struck me that the reading I do is between 12:00 and 01:00, usually – and who can remember anything they’ve read at that time? The last art I did was to make a Christmas card, and writing … well … there’s something slightly offbeat, and probably inaccurate, if you call yourself a writer, yet the last time you WROTE anything worthwhile was in 2005.

I have a busy life running my transcription business and being a wife and mother – there’s no doubt about it. But of late, I’ve come to realise something. It’s very important to find a time to keep doing the things you love. And for me, for now, I’ve decided that time shall be Sundays – so, on Sundays, for the foreseeable future, I shall be retiring from the world, as I have been for the past two weeks.

And here is where I come to the part that makes this relevant to transcriptionists – and, I believe, others who work in a stressful industry. Taking that day off, to yourself, to unwind, and spend with your family and with doing the things you love, makes your mind clearer, sharper and more focussed on MONDAY – and through the rest of the week. Now, Sunday might not be the best time for you – but I do urge you, yes, your business is important, but find that time for you, too. You’ll value it, and thank me for this advice, later.