Commenting on blog posts

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Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to draw attention to something that I feel is an important part of a small business’ marketing strategy today.
Commenting on blog posts.
There is an art to this, in my opinion. It’s no good just picking up on a blog and going on there and saying something inane and then posting a link to your website. You have to say something intelligent, lucid, and relevant to the post. Otherwise, you just irritate. So, make sure that your comments add something to the article and are informative. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that your comment will simply be deleted, anyway, and then you will just have wasted your own time and the blog owner’s time.

What I’d suggest is the following:
– Pick interesting blogs to follow, blogs that are relevant to your industry or your interests.
– Check back on them on a relatively regular basis.
– Read the posts.
– Think of something valuable to add – maybe something from your personal experience, or add your expertise.

If, for example, the post is about switching from using a tape recorder to using a digital recorder, don’t just go there and say “I transcribe, send your recordings to me”. Chances are that the person has been doing their own transcription for some years anyway. But if you go on there and say something to the effect of “yes, you’ve made a good choice with regards to your choice of digital recorder, and this is why”, and use your link in your identity, then you’ll have planted the seed in the mind of the author and anyone else who happens to see the post that you are an expert in this field – and that maybe they should consider approaching you to save themselves some time – by giving you their transcription. Intelligent, informative comments are appreciated by bloggers, simply because they bring a variety of phrases that may well be picked up by search engines – in other words, they bring traffic to the person’s blog. So be careful and think about what your comments are – don’t be an irritation, be an asset.