We’re still standing

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Let’s face it – Eskom did everything it possibly could this week to put the final nail in the coffin of South Africa’s economy, with loadshedding reaching entirely new heights. (for international clients this is rolling blackouts – although a whole lot more if you want to look at it indepth). It’s been an absolutely exhausting week for my son and I trying to keep business running as usual.

But we did. And that represents personal growth for both of us. There have been times in the past where Eskom’s incompetence has left us in a heap in the floor. We have a generator, yes. It’s a difficult machine to manage. The boys were too little to help me, my husband at work, and me being technically challenged. And at the back of my mind the vain expectation that a family member might come and help me.

This time round, we expected no help, and managed the situation ourselves. Unmet expectation is a cause of depression. My son got to grips with the load-shedding schedule even more than I have in the past, so between us we’ve now got it down pat. This is beneficial because you know if your outage is not scheduled, it’s a fault, and three times in the last week we’ve had to log a fault and ensure it gets resolved. So, essentially, by day two, we were in the position to again announce that we are able to work during loadshedding.

I’m very proud of my son. We’re both growing up! And in spite of Eskom’s efforts, we survived and conquered this week with minimal impact on our clients. We’ve been able to meet all our deadlines, assist clients, get quotes in and keep up with everything. That’s what businesses is about, and like Elton John says, we’re “still standing!” So contact us with your transcribing, typing, proofreading and editing needs – we can work during loadshedding. The show must go on!