Happy 2020

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So the new year is here, and I’d like to wish you all a great one!

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I hope it’s really a great one for you. Thing is though, unless you make your planning and change the way you did things last year, nothing’s going to be different. (Of course, you may be very happy with the way things were last year, in which case you don’t have to change anything). Anyway the point is most of us have goals and dreams, and nobody’s going to wave a magic wand. They won’t happen unless you make them happen. It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn myself, and there are plans to make this year a great one! Actually, last year was pretty good for me too. I did a lot of groundwork on myself and I’m ready to build on that this year for the benefit of both family and business.

One of the things I’m planning is to rebrand http://www.popspeaking.com I may even combine it with Typewrite Transcription, and I’m looking for someone who is great with branding. So if you know someone please refer them. I’m pretty excited about this idea.

I tend to get overwhelmed when I look at things in a big picture, so I think it’s important to try to break things down into things that can be done from day to day. The same principle applies for any project we want to undertake. Slowly slowly get it done instead of feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. Set something small to achieve daily, and tick off the list.

So with that, Happy New Year to you all, and may you all have a good one.

We are open for business again, so send along all your transcribing, proofreading, editing, typing and other related work.