J is for Just Do It

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Over the years I have dealt with countless wannabe transcriptionists who for whatever reason just don’t actually start working as a transcriptionist. They come up with so many excuses that in the end I don’t actually believe they want to do it. JUST DO IT.

I’ll never forget the case of one, (whose name I won’t mention), who STILL hasn’t started as one and she first approached me years ago.

What equipment do I need?
– a computer
– the internet
– some speakers and headphones

What courses can I take?
– If you can type, then you don’t really need a course, unless you want to me a medical transcriptionist then –
– take a medical transcription course.
– Worthwhile but not NECESSARY to take a course in computers or business management

How do I start?
– Advertise, and start. In other words, JUST DO IT!

Can you send me files to practice with?
– No. The files I have belong to my clients and are confidential.

Where can I get files to practice with?
– From the internet.

Will you check them for me?
– Maybe. Well, actually, no, not unless you’re going to pay me for my time.

Either you want to do it or you don’t, and the best practice is when you’re actually working for a client. So – literally – JUST DO IT!