H is for Hard Work.

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This one’s pretty easy. H is for Hard Work. When you work for yourself, you work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Look at me now. I work 10 – 12 hour days, yet I know that marketing is a crucial part of what we do too, so here I am putting in an extra bit of work by writing a blog post.

Working for yourself is Hard Work. I always laugh when people tell me they’re going to do what I do so that they can have more time with their children. I’ve done this since 2005, and I can tell you that I spent more time with my children pre Typewrite Transcription, when I had an 8 – 5 office job. My children are 15 and 13 now and they’ve practically raised themselves. So if you think you’re going to spend more time with your children, this is not for you.

Firstly, you need to be working at least 8 hours a day. So for example if you’re busy with work that takes you three hours to complete, make sure the other five are filled with things that will be productive towards creating more income. Marketing, admin, improving processes, invoicing. Once you keep yourself on focus, you’ll find that your 8 hours and more are filled every day, and pretty soon, those 8 hours (and more) will be filled with actual work, and you’ll be wondering when you’re going to find time to do blogs, admin, invoices, etc, etc.

That’s about all there is to it, really. You’re here to WORK. Work at homers often come up against prejudices. Those who work in offices sometimes seem to think that we aren’t really working. Well, we are. Probably more than you, because.. yes, we don’t commute. We get up, see the kids and hubby off, and then … don’t spend any time in the car, we go straight to the office, and work. We don’t knock off at 5 and drive home, we knock off at 6 or 7, or not at all.  There have been so many times that I’ve sat down to work, thought to myself that in an hour or two I’d go and get breakfast – and then turned around and it’s 2pm and I haven’t had breakfast OR lunch.

H is for Hard Work.

I will allow that maybe there is a bit more flexibility – I can for example stop and go and fetch my son from school, and he can stay home from school when he’s ill without it being a problem, although there are some days I wish I could get a tutor for my boys to help with homework – I have fleeting thoughts of maybe they aren’t getting enough input from me. In fact, I know they aren’t, and too many are the times when I’ve chased them out the office because I have a crazy deadline.

So if you don’t want to work hard, and want to have a half day job or spend time with your children, this isn’t going to work for you. If you’re prepared to give almost your every waking moment to getting it off the ground, then you can do it.

I’m repeating this title over and over. H is for Hard work. H is for Hard Work.  And one more, for luck. H is for Hard Work.