Business Communication

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Good morning all, this is a very quick post but it’s about communication particularly in a business scenario.

Communication done well is a very effective business tool, and done badly, it can be dangerous. With all the forms of media both online and offline that are at our disposal today, it’s very important to get our message across in an effective, concise and clear way, particularly if we are using it for business purposes.

My short and brief rule of thumb that I tell clients is the following: Use your website for static things that don’t change much like your contact details and your about us page. Use your blog for longer things that you want to communicate like new products, industry norms and standards, information you want to share. Use your Facebook page for day to day things and to engage your fanbase in conversation. And then, link them all together and ensure that they all impart the same sort of general feel.

This post was inspired by a very ambiguous communication I received this morning, about concert tickets which left me wondering whether the person had them, wanted them or couldn’t stand them!

I have research interviews to transcribe today so I’m out of here – have a great day all!  Please remember to click through my site and get in touch if you need my services.  Please follow our blog and like us on Facebook