Surviving the economic crisis in SA

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Infographic: South African media plays pivotal in COVID-19 coverage and  awareness | The Media Online

I’ll be honest, guys. I’ve been feeling pretty bleak recently. My mental health is taking strain, here as little old high risk me with a high risk husband in South Africa, a poor country that is not likely to see vaccines anytime soon and apparently took it on itself to create another variant of the pandemic. Not seeing friends and not knowing where my husband’s next salary cheque is coming from, and, to be honest, those of my clients.

Let’s face it. This is hard. At a time when we are supposed to be feeling happier, with new year round the corner and Christmas just past. However, I feel a little brighter after the president’s speech tonight. At least we are going to TRY to control the pandemic. And I thought I would TRY to perk people up, by giving my tips on how we could potentially survive the pandemic economically in the virtual industry (and actually everywhere).

To my mind we are fortunate in that we already work from home in our industry. The ONLY way forward as far as I see it is to comply 100% with protocol. Mask up PROPERLY over nose and mouth. (it’s law now, anyway, you can get thrown into jail if you don’t). Sanitize. Distance. Not only 2m. More. When you are out walking, don’t crowd people. Be aware and when you approach a corner, give space in case an unmasked person is going around it. Give waitrons and petrol attendants space to mask up before descending on them. I believe if we do this we can move forward in the economy.

I am open for business over this period and right through New Year. Just a reminder, I do transcribing, typing, proofreading and editing to a South African and international market and this has been my public service announcement about how we survive this trying period.