Transcription Service Providers

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 There are some things to consider when you as a client or business owner are looking for a transcription service provider. This article assumes that you know the basics when it comes to getting something transcribed – have recorded a good, clear quality recording and are able to get it to your service provider.

1. Content.
What type of transcript is it that you need done? Is the content medical, legal or general by nature? If it’s medical, ensure that your transcriptionist actually does have some medical transcription background.  Legal and general transcripts also require technical and linguistic know how. Check how the transcriptionists responds to emails, writes, and generally interacts with you. After all since typing and language interpretation are a great part of what the service requires, you can assess these skills in the general interaction.

2. Price
You don’t necessarily want the transcriptionist who offers you the lowest price. This may indicate a desperation for work. Desperation for work may indicate a tough job market but may also indicate that the transcriptionist isn’t that good. When in doubt, get contactable client references from the transcriptionist.

3. Turnaround Time.
Give the transcriptionist a clear indication of when you would want your work back. Similarly to the above point about pricing, you don’t necessarily want to go with the one who says they are able to get it back to you much faster than the others do. It may indicate a rush job and inexperience on the part of the transcriptionist.

4. Google.
It will always stand you in good stead to google the name of the service provider you are considering. If there are any major red flags, chances are the name will pop up in that light. Similarly, if the transcriptionist has done anything that would be considered good, this too should pop up.

5. Location and language
Send your work to a transcriptionist whose first language is the language you need it done in or at the very least has a proven track record of being completely fluent in the language that you need. It’s appealing to pay very little and send your work to countries or locations where prices are low. When prices are low, quality is probably low too. Remember that your quality is your reputation.

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