Business Mentorship and bouncing ideas off people

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Some days ago I asked followers on my Facebook page how they cope when they’ve got a job to do that they know they can do, but they wouldn’t mind bouncing it off someone else for ideas.

I rather liked Alison Fourie’s idea – from AMF Typing – she said she bounces it off me, and that’s the type of relationship we have – most of my challenges get bounced off her too. I guess we are each other’s mutual mentors.

Other comments were also interesting – Roger Frost of Wett Inspections said: I usually Google my idea, and see whats out there. There isn’t much out there that already hasn’t been done. Usually it is just a matter of taking an old idea or product and putting a new spin on it.

Done van Mollendorf added that she approaches family and friends and also mentioned that joining online communities with the same interests helps so that one can get an idea of people’s feelings and thoughts on the matter.

 When you work in an office full of people, you have colleagues. Usually there’s the computer guy, there are office staff, managers, directors. Colleagues who you can brainstorm with. When you’re self employed, working for yourself, that can be negated. So it is important that you establish a network of people that you can bounce your ideas off. I would love to see more comments on this post about this.

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