What to do during maternity

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This question came in from a transcriptionist this morning. Interesting one, answers? (I have removed her email but will forward comments) Morning Ladies (and Gents – not sure?)

I am in a bit of a predicament.  I am having my third baby end April.  Even now, finding the time to work is a huge mission.  You other work at home moms must know what I’m on about.  So do I close down altogether?  Or do I find a handful of typists to assist me until I get back on my feet.  I don’t really want to close down altogether, this company is very close to my heart.  

So … I am looking for a handful of people that I can try out until the end of the year.   I will proof read everything that is done for me, for a while, but then I’m hoping by the time baby comes, I shouldn’t have to proof read at all, because by then it’s done the way I want it.    I will give them a full set of instructions on how I set out my transcripts and any other rules etc to help them along.

So … after all that, are there any ladies out there looking for more work?  If you are interested, could you send me a bit of a CV, nothing formal.  Some references would be great too.  Also your rates – urgent and standard.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.   I hope to hear from some of you soon.  You may mail me directly at the below email address.

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