How do you combat loneliness in your business?

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Hi guys,
It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged and I wanted to come back to my blog with a fresh idea, something which may not have been blogged about much in the past.

We virtual workers have a different set up to the office worker in many ways in that we don’t have a knock off time, we don’t commute, and we don’t have many coworkers – some of us may miss the social aspet that an office affords. How do you combat the loneliness that working by yourself might bring about?

There are several ways we can do this:
1) We can sign up with groups such as TAVASA

2) We can build up a network of contacts on Skype and other instant messaging services.
3) We can become involved in community activities.

It’s this third that I want to talk about in more detail, as the first two have been blogged about extensively, and it’s the second that I’ve more recently become involved in.

Getting involved in community activities has numerous benefits – it leads to making numerous friends and thereby reducing the loneliness, particularly when you end up involved in activities such as teaparties, walks and community garden planting initiatives. An added benefit is networking – you get to know what others in your area, and others get to know what you are doing. Although making money is not my primary objective of community assistance, through being involved with the I Love Kensington Association I have obtained two clients and also been able to assist a Virtual Assistant who also wants to start up in the business. We have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things, too – see pic of the community garden we planted. My life was pretty full before, with kids and work – now it’s full to the brim and I’m finding I also have a bit of a social life – the loneliness factor does not intrude much now.

Have a good week, guys!