Business services
Professional services

These rates are general and my committed price after assessment of the work (if applicable) will be the final quote.

Transcribing  rates

(refers to producing a typed transcript from an audio recording)

R792 per audio hour (an audio hour refers to a RECORDED HOUR)


R13.20 per audio minute (an audio hour refers to a RECORDED MINUTE)

Unclear recordings may necessitate an audio clean up which could cost more and compromise transcript quality.

I prefer to assess recordings before committing to a rate.

More specific requirements will be quoted individually.

Typing rates

R30an A4 page – plain single spacing

R22 an A4 page – one and a half spacing

Other page sizes and line spaces to be discussed.

More specific requirements will be quoted individually.

Proofreading / editing rates

Proofreading is charged at the rate of R66 per standard page. A standard page is 1800 characters (with spaces). To calculate your cost, take your document’s total character count including spaces, divide it by 1800, and that will give you your total standard pages.  I calculate my rates this way in order to eliminate confusion and standardise charges because of factors like varying font sizes, line spacing, etc. Documents can be charged per chapter, or in total. Please contact me should you need further clarification.

CV Writing rates

Basic – R150

Higher level CVs to be discussed.

Website Copy rates

Improving website copy and functionality. This service includes:

  • Preparing a creative brief
  • Conducting research including SEO and industry related terminology, norms and standards
  • Creating a style guide for the tone of the website relevant to your website and industry based on your preferences
  • Proofreading and writing copy
  • Attending to any revisions you may require

This service is charged at the rate of R250 an hour and can take between 10 and 20 hours depending on the website.

Please contact me for other related services.

For all work, an upfront deposit will be charged – usually 50% and the balance will be payable on completion of the work.

If you refer a client to me and the job is confirmed by receipt of payment by me, I will pay 10% commission.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Commission will be 10% of the final price paid by the client
  • Commission will be paid within 5 working days of the receipt of the final payment
  • An invoice for the commission must be presented