Winter will pass

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I think it’s fair to say that everyone in Gauteng is having a hard time right now. In the midst of this terrible third wave of Covid. Either you are sick, or you have been or your work has closed because of Covid or people have been affected, or your clients are affected or you are isolating at home. Everyone knows someone and most of us know someone who have died. There have been days where I simply have wanted to curl up in a ball and give up. The anxiety has been overbearing. Worrying about our health at home, our kids health, and how our business is going to survive this. I truly feel like this is the hardest winter I’ve ever experienced. But it will pass. The days are already getting longer.

At the start of the pandemic I don’t believe any of us thought we would be at this stage so deep into it. We thought we’d have been vaccinated by now. We thought it would be over. But in South Africa, in Gauteng, it’s bad. So I just wanted to say – this too must pass. Take it day by day and deal with what you can every day and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

If you are in a service based industry, there are things you can do to make it easier for everyone to stay home. Get admin processed in time so that if people need to they can order things online. (medication for example). Move things to online or virtual that aren’t already. Help people who struggle to do things virtually to get it right. Together we can flatten this curve and get things back to some form of normality.

Remember that we at Typewrite Transcription are virtual, so we can receive your transcription, typing, proofreading and editing and we are open for work. We very much value and appreciate your support. We will get through it together. Get your vaccine when you can. And Gauteng stay at home. We are not in level 5 but we should all be acting as though we are.