Don’t subcontract – start your own

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Over the past week or so I’ve been simply inundated by people wanting work from me. More and more people are asking, in spite of the fact that I have posted on my Facebook page and on this page that I have no extra work right now. I think what’s happening is that people are losing their jobs and are wanting to venture out to try something online. It shows me just how scary the economic downturn of this pandemic is. I feel pretty terrible that I don’t have work to help everyone. (We are finding things hard too – my husband is working 8 days a month and we haven’t seen any money from his employer since end of May). So it’s a pretty scary time for all of us.

Use your initiative

Be your own boss

Why do people want to subcontract? I never really understood. And if I’m honest I never really wanted to be an employer. I only subcontract if I have too much work for myself, but it seems that I think differently to the crowd and that many people assume I’m a company that hands out transcribing work. The truth is I’m a one man band (like Leo Sayer!) and I do most of my work myself. I have however written a book detailing how I did this, and you can too. (Take advantage of my Covid special – the book is marked down to the price the original version was in 2009) . And we have a mentorship course you can email me to ask about.

Do those who want to subcontract want to be employees? I don’t – I’m a business partner with my clients, not an employee. And I don’t want employees of my own. And in my honest opinion it’s far better to go look for your own clients and work directly with them. I realise that in Covid it’s difficult to meet people, go and put up posters etc, but we are a VIRTUAL industry. Get online. Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, and network with others, push yourself out there. You might think you are marketing yourself by contacting me, but you are not. A lot of the time there are so many messages that it’s just overwhelming and if I were to respond to them all there’d be no time to do anything else.

So I think this is what happens when people say they apply for jobs but nobody gets back to them. Have you applied for an actual job? Are you sure you’ve contacted the right person? In other words your marketing has to be targeted, to reach the right audience. I wanted to give a word of encouragement and advice during this pandemic, to try to lift the mood of the nation.

Target your marketing

Sometimes I think that the covid pandemic is like a birthing process – a long, drawn out birth – a lot of darkness and hardship whilst it’s going on but at the end of it there will be something great. So keep pushing and eventually we will literally burst out into the light.