Small Busines Marketing

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Marketing Your Small Business 

Hi all.

This is just a quick post to remind you how important it is that you go and market your services on a regular basis. Even if you’re incredibly busy with your business, you need to keep up your marketing activities. The reason for this is that you might be busy now, but it’s because of marketing work you did months ago. So the marketing work you do now is what’s going to keep you busy in coming months. 

Saying that, you don’t need to spend a great deal on marketing, particularly in our type of industry. Too often I see too many businesses going crazy and spending too much.  They go out and buy all the bells and whistles, hundreds of T shirts and pens and brochures and banners, etc. etc. Personally I have never believed too much in the flashy bits and pieces of marketing. You need a solid website, business cards, maybe some vehicle branding, Facebook and social media. And then to go and list it all on different business directories. 

Howzit! is a brilliant place to go and advertise your services or any of your classifieds. Unlike most other services like this they allow you to bump up your ads every day.

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