Telkom Hellkom

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This was posted by a friend of mine on Hello Peter today.

I have had to retrench 3 staff in the past 12 months due to Telkom exchanges being down. I have to retrench another person end of this month. We are a 2 small registered businesses (previously tax paying but now running at loss) completely reliant on the internet and voice calls for success. I have now put my house on the market and am taking my car in to be sold on Saturday.

Telkom is killing us. I am now on 3G but we can barely afford the ONE modem we now have, we have 2 small businesses here 1 3G Modem not enough

Middle of Jan to end Feb one of our small business Telkom exchange went down. We lost 80 % turnover compared to previous year.
Our other small business Telkom Exchange has been down since 12 March 2012, it came back up at 10am 13 March and went back down 4pm 13 March call numbers 10CTK120312 12 March and then 13 March 740CTK130312 still unresolved.

Below is a list of ONLY the call numbers that I have kept a record of when Telkom Exchange has been DOWN.

It is so sad, can anyone save small business from Telkom for our country?
Please Peter help.

How is small business supposed to survive the ineptitude of Telkom? I have 10 reference numbers from neighbours that I am going to try and intercede for. Wish me luck.