Accounting solution entrepreneur: We talk to Gail Emmerick: figg Excel Accounting products and entrepreneur

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Hi everybody,

You will see on our site that we are a dealer of figg Excel accounting products.  We deal in products that we believe in that will make a difference to entrepreneurs and startups and figg is such a product.  figg is accounting for non accountants. It consists of easy to use Excel spreadsheets to manage your accounting needs.

View this presentation video and read our interview where we talk to Gail Emmerick, partner in the business.

Here we speak to Gail Emmerick, partner in the business and female entrepreneur of 20 years’ standing. Gail is also a shareholder at Abafazi Guest House and her specialities include developing Excel Accounting Products, Training, Management and HR Consulting.  We asked Gail to share some information with up and coming entrepreneurs.

1)      Tell us something about yourself – how long have you been in business and what motivates you to keep on going?

Hi Gaynor!  It was always difficult for me to answer questions from friends asking “but what do you do for fun?” because they knew that I was always “working”.  It’s not difficult to answer that question since I figured out a few years ago that my work happens to be my hobby also, although I still get many sighs and raised eyebrows with my answer! 
2) Were there any pitfalls early in business that you would warn new businesses about now – accounting or non accounting related?  Thousands but I will try to relay to you the main one’s.  Don’t give credit to anyone unless you have all the tools available to verify their excellent credit standing.  Be proud and confident enough in your product or service to sell it cash up front or don’t sell at all.  Don’t ever let record keeping be a nuisance and make sure you have business management reports monthly to manage the income and costs of your business.  A healthy cash flow is never enough to sustain a business.  If record keeping is a nuisance to you, don’t run your own business.
3) and what do you consider to be your biggest business achievement?  Maintaining a strong business relationship with all my clients for more than 15 years.
4) Your website describes figg Products as Accounting Products for non Accountants. Tell us a little more about why you decided to produce something that would be user friendly for all business owners?  This was a choice resulting from my own personal experience as a business consultant in that I have only ever consulted to businesses with leaders who are skilled in sales and marketing,  I have a respect for and understanding of sales and marketing entrepreneurs and want to share this respect and understanding with a broad customer base.
5) For the small business owner, what set or suite of figg products to you recommend to them to facilitate their growth in their businesses?  The Business Budget, the Business Admin Documents and the Integrated Accounting System.
6)  Where to from here for figg … where does the business see itself in five and ten years time?  Due to me and my partner Brendon’s wish to serve a broad customer base, it is our goal to be sponsored by Corporate companies to take our products into under priviledged communities to use both as business educational tools and as small business entrepreneurial tools.
7) Many of the readers of this page are one person business owners. Can you share any good business tips that can help them grow in their own businesses?  Daily prioritising must include sales and admin.  Keep a list to tick off and re-prioritise daily – keep the list on one page or in one file, not “all over the show on bits of paper.  Don’t give up.  Even if the Sherriff comes to take you and your possessions away, regroup and carry on.