Training: Be properly trained on the systems you use

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An issue I have been giving much consideration to in recent weeks is the time that a person can save in their business if they have official training on the systems and platforms they are using to run their businesses.
There’s no doubt about the fact that the face of marketing a business has changed in recent times. If a business is not on the Big Three – Twitter, Linked In and Facebook – it just isn’t keeping up with the times and with the needs of its clients and potential clients, as well as with the activities of its competitors. But let’s face it, without proper training from experienced users of these platforms, they can be daunting to the startup business owner or person trying to break into the business world.
You probably know how to use email but you might not know how to write an email in a professional, business like manner – or how to post relevant and business related topics across the many social networks that form a part of today’s business world. The way you present yourself in business is directly indicative of the success you are likely to have in your business, and so a professional and courteous manner is essential in all aspects.
In Training SA is a community minded company with an eye to developing individuals and corporates, that provides up to date, relevant training on these as well as other topics in order to help you:
– Improve your skills
– Enter the business world
– Maintain a professional presence in social media
– Upskill your employees in both the domestic and professional arena
You can click here for the current training schedule and contact for further information.