The importance of proofreading.

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Proofreading is a service that I offer

Here I would like to explain why proofreading is such a vitally important service.

The simple fact of the matter is that, in any written copy, the impression to be made to your reader is of the utmost importance. A good impression can make an immediate sell on what you are trying to present, and conversely, a bad impression can turn the reader off for good.

Let’s have a look at the following examples:

– If you’re a businessperson writing a letter to a client, and you make a fundamental error in your letter, the client may begin to doubt your professionalism in other aspects of your work.

– If you’re a teacher, and you make a grammatical error in one of the documents you present to your students, the students may lose faith in your professionalism and your teaching abilities.

– If you’re a student writing a thesis or an assignment, your professor or lecturer is your client. To get good marks on the assignment, you need to make a good impression and making sure your grammar and spelling are fundamentally correct will go a long way towards ensuring this.

– If you’re writing a letter to a friend, you don’t want to make basic mistakes and have your friend wonder how educated you really are.

– If you are a business manager or owner setting up a website, the last thing you need is a typo on your front page.

-If you are a magazine editor, and your magazine is full of basic mistakes, the reader will be put off right from the start.

There are many more applications that would require proofreading, and once you’ve decided your work needs to be proofread, you have a number of options at your disposal:

– Proofread your own work (disadvantage – it’s hard to pick up your own mistakes)

– Get a friend or colleague to proofread your work (disadvantage – your friend might not be as thorough or timeous as you would like them to be, and may be no more qualified than you yourself)

– Hire a proofreading service such as mine. (advantages: your work will be done quickly and professionally).

Who can use a proofreader? Many people can. The list includes, but is not limited to:

– Students

– Web designers

– Journalists

– Publishers

– Businessmen

– Writers