Times to work / blogging

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Hi guys,
I met with a very interesting lady today, who also works for herself although not in the field that we work in, and among the many interesting things we discussed was when is the best time to work.
Like me, she likes working at night … I thought, sometimes, that I’m the only one driven nuts by the entire 8 – 5 thing … sometimes, I just find those hours so hard to work in because the phone is ringing, (usually clients), email is going mad, skype going mad, or the school decides to shut at an odd hour, …
ONe of the toughest things is working until 3am when you KNOW the phone is going to go mental from 08:00 onwards or you need to be up to let the maid or gardener in at 07:30 … but often I still find I get a lot more done at night than I do during the day.
Your thoughts?
We also discussed the importance of the discipline of marketing and having a marketing plan. This doesn’t just mean okay Friday I’ll write a blog post. It means that for a month before hand, know the different subject blog posts you’re going to write about and sit down and prepare them. Know where your target market is going to be, know what type of marketing approaches you want to take.