A VA for You.

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Hi guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long. It has been quite a difficult time, what with my husband going down with Hepatitis A and then it being school holidays. With this in mind, what I want to stress today is the importance of having a good support structure in place. It’s all very well happily going along as you are, but when things get hard, can you continue running your business the way that you do in peaceful times?

For us who work from home, it’s particularly difficult if for whatever reason, we cannot do our work. No sick leave or paid annual leave for us, and for the most part, no other staff to help pick up or slack! So I’d urge you that now is the time to sort out a back up system, if you haven’t done so already. Have somebody on standby who can assist you so that in the event of a disaster, your business can still run … or, should you wish to go on holiday, you still can …

It’s no good waiting until the worst to happen to try to sort something out. Now is when it should be done. It’s not only in the case of emergency that we work at homers need support. All too often, I’ve heard the lament “I just don’t have time for myself. I can’t get away from my work. My admin takes up every spare second”.

So what can we actually do to ease our loads? Consider a concept which I have been turning over in my mind with great interest since it was first suggested to me three weeks ago.

A VA for the VA.

Think about it. Chew on it and mull it over.

Transcription companies have transcriptionists to help them complete their work. VAs have contractors to help them complete their typing work. So why can’t it work the other way too? Why can’t we use the concept that we use to sell our services to our clients – that having somebody virtual to assist is immensely beneficial, allowing potential clients more time to do their core business – to ease our own load? It’s a concept that is taking off internationally and I can’t see why it shouldn’t work here too.

So – A VA for the VA. What better way for the experienced VA / transcriptionist to mentor somebody else, teach them the right ways and also take a massive load off their own plates? Seems so simple, really when we think about it, doesn’t it? And it opens up a whole new avenue of potential employment for newbie VAs, with the added benefit of a first hand teacher, who actually pays you!

So – if you’re a VA or transcriptionist with too much on your plate, contact TAVASA and we can find someone for you.

Please note though that Alison and I are not looking for VAs!